Brady Aloysius


Oh my goodness does my little sweet pea of two-year-old brother make me laugh!

Picture this: I am out running an errand on Saturday morning and come home to Brady wearing only his underwear, winter boots, skis, and a Spiderman mask.

Yes, this type of behavior is considered completely normal in my family.  (Well, for the children at least.)

Clearly you can see why I love my brother.  He always does his own thing!  Skiing in underwear–indoor nonetheless–on a Saturday morning? Eh? Why not!

I know every person who has any association with a small child thinks he/she is the cutest, sweetest, most adorable being to have walked this earth.   If they haven’t met my little peanut, they haven’t considered all of their options.  My brother holds this title.

Man, oh man, does he make me happy.


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