Surprises at Work


I’ll begin by letting you know, I’m a difficult person to surprise.

When I was a child and I would hear my mom would start vacuuming on a weekday instead of the weekend, I knew we should be expecting some surprise visitors that weekend.  Whenever Dad asks for my most recent address, I just know my step-mom is about to send me an awesome care package. (No, you’re never too old for those.)  And most of the time, I’m right.

Well, today I must not have been using my spidey surprise senses because I was so caught off guard when Edible Arrangements dropped off a package at my work. Lo and behold, it was for me!

Who was this secret admirer you ask?  One of my co-workers! She totally surprised me and got me a little thank you gift.  That was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things any co-worker has ever done for me.

Really, she deserves the thank you because that is the first time I have ever had a surprise gift delivered  at work.

So now I know, surprises at work make me happy. 🙂


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