Ridiculously hilarious movie scenes


There is nothing comparable to watching a movie that you expect to be funny but find to be even more hilarious than originally intended.  Certain movies have that one scene that you can make reference to and everyone will be able to sing along or quote the following line with you.

Those scenes that make you fall out of your chair laughing–or even doing that crazy screamy/laugh where everyone in the theatre wonders when you’ll stop so they can hear–are my favorite.

Example number one: The Proposal.  The scene where Betty White and Sandra Bullock are signing in the forest make me laugh-cry through the entire following scene, and I still have no idea what happens for the next two minutes after that song.

Example number two: The Hangover.  I really don’t even need to put any sort of explanation here.  I could just say, “I’m sure you get this a lot but is this the real Caesar’s Palace? Did Caesar actually live here?” But no. I won’t start a quoting war.  I will say, however, Stu’s Song caught me the most off guard with its hilarity, and I apologize to my friend Doug to whom I would only refer to as “Dougie Dougie Doug” for about a year after the film’s premiere.

Example number three: Bridesmaids.  This is my new favorite comedy, and no, guys, I wouldn’t even consider it a chick-flick.  The car scene is by far my favorite, and I tip my hat anyone who can keep a straight face when Annie says “Whooo’s driving that caaar?”

Overall, ridiculously hilarious movie scenes make me happy.  Their genius tends to catch my off guard, and I applaud the impromptu ability of these actors and actresses.  Until next time, I’m going get a free Mexican drinking worm tattoo from some guy in a van.


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