Customized License Plates


I love customized license plates.  One could say I’m borderline obsessed with them.  I have no problem following close behind these people trying to see exactly what this odd combination of letters and numbers means to them until *ding* I figure it out.

I believe this all started with my Aunt Sharon, who actually hates customized plates.  One day, she was telling me about the only instance of one that she liked.  Picture this.  Gorgeous blonde. In a corvette. Top down (on the car. come on, guys.)  All on her pretty lonesome driving down a long highway.  Her license plate read “Was His.” haha! You go, blondie.

Anyway, I am much less than picky than my Aunt Sharon.  I enjoy almost all customized plates.  They make my long, boring drives much more entertaining.

There are those plates we’ve all seen that show us which school you’re rooting for.

Nothing like those Grand Valley Leightkers.

And those State 4 Lif fans. I heard they’re crazy.

I really like the people who have plates that I feel are a message being delivered to me personally.  Naturally, I feel the need to give them a response.

Oh yeah, Mr. Cadillac?! Too tough for regular fuel is more like it!

God help anyone who can power forward through I-696 traffic during rush hour.
That highway is more dense than the Amazon Rainforest!

Lastly, there are the plates that I’m not entirely sure what they mean, but I make up stories for the innocent drivers so it makes more sense. Surely my ideas are paralleled to the driver’s intent.

Well, this person drives an Escape. So he’s saying “I tried to escape”….from either Alcatraz or Azkaban,
depending on which side of Platform 9 3/4 he lives on. Yepp. That is pretty clearly his story.
Well hey, best of luck to ya.

My word! This must be a descendant of the Von Trapps! Fredrik Von Trapps’ son perhaps! Oh wow!
I should have taken a picture of the driver instead of the plate! My goodness. How lucky am I to have driven past the son of a boy who was portrayed by an actor who played said boy whose eventual step-mother was played by Julie Andrews! Lucky day.

Customized license plates are so much fun!

Post script: Please note, no drivers or vehicles were harmed during the capturing of these photographs.  Though some near fatal accidents and cut-offs may have occurred, and this is a very ostensible may, I do hope these drivers know I would like to thank them for their generous allowance of their cars in my blog. Oh wait….


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  1. VJ&I make up words for the normal license plates. For example: DGM 786, could be Drunk Gay Male, or WCB could be White C**t Beotch, or GWD could be Grandma With Dudes. We love license plates of all kinds too! U have to make up games & stories while driving otherwise what else is there to do? Sing broadway tunes at the top of your lungs? Well…that's fun too!

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