Opening Day


Oh baseball.  Finally here you are.  My winter has been so long and lonely without you!  I’ve been waiting for the hum of a crowd of 40,000 anxious fans, the sight of Cabrera hitting one clear out of the park, and the smell of hot dogs and those freaking delicious sugary almond things.

Opening Day means the beginning of 160+ nights of late night baseball and the build up to the thrill of a post-season win.   Opening Day means my life can finally begin again!

Unfortunately I was not able to attend Opening Day 2012, but it looked like a beautiful day for a game! Sunny and clear skies. Mmm mmm mmmm.  Sounds MUCH better than last year’s weather!  Holy cow it was 32 degrees and my sister and I had hypothermia at the end.   That didn’t matter, though! It’s the fact that we were there at the first home game of the year with thousands of other people who were just as excited as we were.

You see, in my family, our priorities are as such: God, family, baseball, breathing.  No really. I’m not kidding.  We’d give up breathing before giving up baseball.  We are all raised to be die-hard Tigers fans, even during unspeakable years like 2003. Note: true fans watched the games even that season.  

Here I am looking very much like a son:

And here is my cousin getting married at Comerica Park.

A dream come true.

What better way to celebrate a girl’s 21 birthday than with the family at my second home?!

 Overall, I’ve loved baseball since before I could talk, and my passion for an in the park home run has only grown since.

So here’s to you, Detroit Tigers 2012.  THIS IS OUR YEAR!


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