Jeffrey Richard Salon


Before I start this post, let’s get some mood music going.

I may not be the girliest girl you ever did meet.  I’m most certainly no Snow White, who applies lipstick even while in a food-induced coma, but I definitely do make sure I spend time on my appearance each morning.  One of my favorite self-indulgent activities is getting my hair done.

It’s important to me to look professional during the work day but let my long hair down on a Saturday night.  I wear my hair straight, curly, wavy, up in a ponytail, pulled back with a headband, and I’m occasionally known to wear a Katniss-inspired braid.  Regardless of the daily doo, it’s important to me that the cut and color looks good in them all.

Where better to treat myself than the winner of On The Town Magazine‘s winner for Best Hair Salon?! It is the one and only Jeffrey Richard Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Some of you may be content with a place where you can walk in and not make an appointment, and I am NOT bashing that! I just want to let you know about this little piece of heaven tucked away on Wealthy and Eastern.

Picture this: you walk into an Aveda-inspired salon and are greeted by a beautiful woman with a hug and a kiss (okay, maybe that’s because she’s my best friend), and she asks what kind of drink she can make you.  All sorts of delicious tea, coffee, lattes, lemonade and hot chocolate are available.  You are then escorted to an open  area filled with sunlight and comfortable seats to prepare for your hair transformation.

I’ve been to several stylists at Jeffrey Richard Salon, and they’re all amazing. Mieke (pronounced “Mee-kah) has been the one I’ve seen for the past year, and I just love her.  We talk about what I want to do this time, and I just let her know I need a little bit of a change.  Instead of my usually intense red dye job with blonde highlights, we switch it up to a melting a light-blonde color into a more subtle red.  This whole process of transforming me in a tin foil alien head takes a while, so while I’m waiting I get a hand massage.  I don’t know about you, but I loooove massages–especially free ones!

Then I just to relax, get massaged, drink my latte, and read about Sofia Vergara talk about her boobs in some random magazine.  Maybe it’s just me, but  I feel like she constantly talks about them?!

Anyway, Sofia has nothing to do with the salon.  Once the dye is set, Mieke and I go to the very plush hair washing station.  I’m telling you, those chairs swallow you up, and when she starts massaging your scalp, oh boy.  I’m in pure bliss.  Then, after I pretend that I didn’t doze off for a few minutes, we go off to the hair-cutting station.  I have a freshly refilled drink, and I’m looking at my new color.  Though my hair is still wet, I already know how much I’m going to love this change.

Mieke just cuts my hair to make it healthy and takes some of the weight off, and takes time drying and styling it.  I absolutely love it!

I know. I know! I could by Sofia’s sister!

But hold on a minute! We’re not done yet!  Mieke always asks if I have some time for make up before I go home to my honey.  With the flick of a blush brush and the pad of some lipstick, I smack my lips together and smile at what an amazing service the salon offers.

Outside of the actual salon visit, what I love about going to Jeffrey Richard Salon is what an amazing job they do.  I’m not kidding, I get compliments from from everyone about my hair.  (Oh stop it. I’m not bragging. I’m complimenting Mieke’s amazing talent.)  I had the barista who hates me and always gives me the wrong coffee at Starbucks compliment my hair.  I’ve had moms walking behind me at Art Prize talk about how shiny and brilliant the color is.  Though, admittedly, I first thought they were talking about the piece of art we were all admiring.

The Starbucks where the crazy barista was actually nice to me
for the first time all thanks to Jeffrey Richard.
What I’m getting down to is not only will you get the best service, you will get noticed in a very positive light.

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