Convertible Music


I love driving in convertibles.  My sister has had two convertibles in her lifetime, one which has recently burnt to a crisp in a garage fire along with her rollerblades.  Tragic story.  Not for children.

Anyways, she currently drives one, and there is nothing better than driving with the top down to awesome convertible music.

This music is unique in that it is not the kind you’d just listen to in the club with the bass turned up to a million.  It’s that music you listen to in the summer that you only want to sing along to if there’s sun shining in your face.

The first song is “Ocean Avenue”, and I’m pretty sure Ryan Key had written while in a convertible.  That’s probably not true, but it feels like it could be!  Can’t you taste the summertime with this song?

Another song I love listening to in the summer is “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” by Jet.  I’ve never had the chance to listen to this while in a convertible, but I do listen to it with all of my windows down, and that’s pretty satisfying.  It’s upbeat, it’s crazy, it’s easy to sing along with.  Great for a ride with the top down while people can see you singing along in the car looking like a fool.

My most recent favorite, which will certainly be my Summer Song of 2012, is “We Are Young” by Fun. Oh MAN is this a great one! I would drive around with this song, and this song only playing, for two hours if I had the time!  There’s something about his voice in combination with the almost chanting chorus and the carefree feeling of youth all rolled into one that makes me feel free.

That’s the best part of listening to these songs in a convertible: the inevitable feeling of freedom.

What I’m trying to tell you is, if you have a convertible and would like to pick me up, I’ll burn the CD, and that would make me very happy!


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