Coffee Cups

Coffee Hug 
In the morning if you’re feeling blue,
You’ve woken up and don’t know what to do!
Grab yourself that perfect mug,
It’ll feel like your coffee’s giving a hug!
Some Super Famous Poet
I am long-time coffee drinker, and even more than that, I am long-time cool coffee cup connoisseur.

If I’m going to take the time to grind up coffee beans, add the correct amount of water, and sit down to enjoy my coffee, you’d better believe I’m not drinking it out of a styrofoam cup.  No no! I want something unique, exciting, and special.  Thus, I began a mug collection.

I started this coffee cup collection back in 2009 when my two sisters and I went to Chicago to see the Harry Potter exhibit. (I touched Hermione’s Yule Ball gown! Ahh!) I wanted a fun souvenir, but I just knew I’d lose a bookmark. Instead, a Harry Potter coffee mug was purchased.  Then when I went to Disney in winter 2011, I purchased some delightful Mickey and Minnie mugs for Keegan and me.

Clearly a fan of fictional characters.

After a while, Keegan and I decided coffee mugs were a practical yet fun present for when we travel, so our collection  has continued to grow with each trip out of Michigan.

The Chicago cup fits 4 cups of coffee. 
I’m bouncing off the walls when I drink out of that one.
I know! The built in stirrer simply completes these adorable mugs!

Soon enough my family and friends caught on, and this Christmas they showered me with coffee mugs!

There are the ever convenient and compact ones…
Dahling, they ahh perrrfect for pahties!
…and the customized one with pictures on it that make me seem 80 years old.  (I do, however, adore old people things. Other than dementia that is.)
Well, sonny, in my day it was normal to drink 5 cups o’ joe each morning!

I do have to say, one of the most unique mugs that I own not only resembles my favorite animal, but it actually has my favorite animal inside of it!

Well, a replica of my favorite animal.
I don’t think even a baby giraffe could fit inside a coffee mug.
Coffee is very special to me because I don’t think I could live without it.  Therefore, my gift to it is its very cool–usually momentary–home.

Ode To Coffee
When you grab the pot before you sit down
And pour that coffee so dark brown
Into its momentary home, just think,
“This deserves to be treated as more than a drink.
This cup is its home! It can’t be boring!”
Into something more special it goes, much more alluring.
Another really famous poet, probably related to Dr. Seuss

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