Farmers Market


Looking for some delicious food? Healthy as well? Something that costs less than the supermarket?

Then head over to your local Farmers Market!

How nice to be greeted with a smiling face!

I recently re-fell-in-love-with my local Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids.  They’re open several times throughout the week, but Saturday is by far their busiest day.  I would say there are 40-60 local vendors prepared to introduce you to their wonderful produce!

When I went last week, I bought a box of nectarines, peaches, and a quart of raspberries for $8! That would cost almost double at Meijer!

The food is all in season and deliciously fresh.  I love that I know exactly where my food came from! Farmer John who I’m buying the fruit from actually grew it.  Most of the time everything is organic as well because it costs the farmers a lot of money to use pesticides and chemicals.  Win-win for everyone!

You can get more than just fruit and veggies there! There are flowers, baked goods, meat, and bread, too.

What’s that at the Farmers Market?

Kettle Corn too?

My DA Blogett Little Sister and I went on Wednesday when it was much less crowded, and we talked about buying food locally.  She picked out some popcorn and peaches to bring home, while I got more fruit and cucumbers for the weekend.

I used to go all the time a few summers ago, but when it’s closed for the winter, I get out of habit of going. Boo!  Since I rekindled my love with the Farmers Market a few weeks ago, I’ve been back every week!

I love that I’m buying food locally, and it is SO delicious. It’s great to support local businesses, and we all eat food, so why not eat food from the farmers in the area?!

More local produce. So good.


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  1. I need to start taking the family to the Fulton Street Farmers market again. Its been a while. I grew up in the middle of farmland, loved the fresh food.

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