Crazy Body Parts!


Everyone has that one body part that they is just weird.

It’s not the “Oh man I wish I had toned legs like Carrie Underwood!” part, but the “Oh man my torso is proportioned to someone 6 feet tall but I’m only 5’4″!” part.

I love those crazy parts!

When Keegan and I were up north with my Aunt Sharon and family this weekend, the boys got on a spree of showing their oddball bodies!

My cousin Matthew and brother Derek can invert their stomachs to an ungodly depth.


You can almost see the outline of their organs! Geez!

Matthew can do the same thing with the center of his chest.


Seriously that shouldn’t be possible. 

My sister Kelly and I are a little more on the normal side of crazy, but we have the most oddly-shaped toes of anyone I know. One of Kelly’s points in the normal northernly direction, and the other does its own thing on more of a north-eastern angle.



My toes, on the other hand, are almost as long as fingers!


Those things go from here to Kansas! 

I used to sooo dislike my crazy toes, but now I realize they’re just part of making me the silly girl I am.

Some people may have a sixth finger or oddly small ears for the shape of their head, but these things just add a little more personality to us all!

This weekend, these boys in my family probably spends too much time focusing on these quirky little things, but it’s always adds for a good time. And we certainly love spending time with each other.




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