The Brady Squinty Face


Seriously, I couldn’t love my youngest brother any more even if you told me you’d pay off my student loans.

My baby brother is now three years old, and in his ripe young age, he has perfected the squinty face.  All you have to tell him to do is smile for the camera! and he’s ready.


I can guarantee the reaction to that was one of these three:

1.) “Awwww!!!”

2.) Outburst in laughter

3.) “Seriously! Can I steal that kid?!”

The answer to three is no.  Unless you run it by my parents and maybe you can “steal” him for a Friday night.

I remember one day Brady was telling me about how he was excited to go to Michigan State High School (….or pre-school) like our brother Derek.  So he started packing his backpack with books, Yogi Bear DVD, and the turtle night light. He’s ready to go!

How can I ever say no to that face?
Oh. Yeah. I can’t.

Even at one-and-a-half years old, he knew how to charm his big sister!

First of all, he’s been on a homemade, organic food diet since Day One. He does not eat sugar, and chocolate cereal is definitely out of the question. Uuuuuntil I come home to visit for Christmas.  I remember Brady was getting ready for bed when I was home two Christmases ago, and he saw what I was eating for a bed time snack.  So he asked one of our two siblings if he could have a spoon, and he walked right up to me, dropped his spoon in my cereal, and started eating!

Again, I just can’t say no! I don’t know if it’s the squishy face, the button nose, or the squinty eyes, but he could ask me for a car, and I’d say yes.

Oh wait.  He already did that, and our sister Kelly said yes. Darn.

Cruisin down the highway in my fine machine

What it comes down to is Brady is adorable, and his squinty face is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!


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