Oh the Joy I Get From Notifications

Oh the Joy I Get From Notifications

8 notifications! And a message! Oh happy day!

Maybe Lochte responded to my tweet? Maybe my sister finally commented on my Facebook status? Maybe I was Freshly Pressed and the blogging world wants to be my best friend? Maybe Ali invited me to her 10th birthday party?!?

…uhh what?

Okay, maybe that last anxious hope has nothing to do with social media, but that’s how I feel when I see notifications of kind on my social media sites.

There’s just something about the knowing someone in the world wide web has paid attention to you out of millions. It’s like getting invited to the popular girl’s birthday party when you’re at an age where peer-approval is ravenously craved for.  It’s like having Hilary Phelps like your blog post about the Olympics. It’s like having a published satirist compliment you on your witty comment. There’s just that element of surprise hiding behind that red bubble with a number in the middle that gets to me!

I probably have some sort of repressed childhood memory from not being in the popular group in middle school and that’s why I love the excitement of my phone going *bee beeeep!* when someone posts on my wall or tweets me.  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but love it.

Someone in the blogging world approves!

Especially  as a new blogger, I’m always looking to learn from the experts.  I hope that someone is reading My Happy Life and that I’ve actually made them happy, too.  In blogging, unlike editorial writing, your success is heavily dependent upon your following and fan base, and seeing that gold star lit up when I log into WordPress is unreal! It’s symbolic of approval.  Maybe because I shamelessly promote my blog through Facebook and Twitter is why I love seeing those notifications, too.

Whatever the silly reason may be, I doubt I’m the only one in the world who gets a little excited when I receive a notification.  You don’t update your status so everyone will ignore, do you? NO! How ridiculous would that be?!  You update it so people will comment on it and go “oh em gee no way that iz amazing gurl! I wish I culd luuuv this status instead of like it lolololol”  (Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. I would probably delete a comment like that but you get what I’m saying.)

So go ahead! Write a new blog post about something as mundane as notifications. Tweet about how you stubbed your toe. #ouch Upload 20 pictures to Facebook of your new pet iguana named Fluffy.  Because deep down, everyone likes that swift moment of attention, and we’re all guilty of the joy of the receiving notifications.


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  1. Ohh. Guilty as charged! Sometimes I even avoid checking my notifications because I relish seeing the little icon. Oh look! IT’S STILL THERE! 😉

  2. I like twitter and blog notifications, not so much Facebook. If I get a Facebook notification, I dread that it means another friend request. One more person who really wants to add to their numbers of friends and does not really have interest in my advocacy or family. Great post. I’ll try to remember to send you more tweets. Oh by the way, OBTW for short, If you tweet and follow the hastage #dsma 9-10 pm EST Wednesday night, you will have more notifications than you can handle, a few hundred peeps take part in that diabetes chat on twitter. Take care.

    • I know what you mean. I usually hope the Facebook notification isn’t someone asking me to join some game like FarmVille or CityVille. I appreciate the real notifications of “xxxx wrote on your wall!”

      I need to set an alarm for that! Every Wednesday day I’m all pumped up, then I’m watching the Tigers and forget about it until after 10! Thank you for the suggestion.

      Have a great day, Tim!

  3. Hello Brianna, I thought it’d prudent to contact you here, on this post. Thank you for reading and following my little blog – it’s a little alarming scrolling down to find my purple block staring back at me! You have a lovely blog here, if I may say so.

  4. Good to see there are others like me out there. I write a blog, post to Facebook, or tweet and then I sit and watch to see if anyone gets it. And you are right….nothing beats that nbr showing up in red telling you that you have X notifications. I found a way to block all games on Facebook so 99.99% of my notifications are legit. I love adding new friends and the more to read my blogs :). I’m on FB if anyone wants to add (www.facebook.com/mikelyles). Great article Brianna !

  5. When I got the notification that I had been “Freshly Pressed” you’d have thought I won the lottery. Totally geeked out running around the room yelling, “Yaaaay!” We’re all the same deep down.

  6. I like that you’re honest about this. I struggle all the time with social media because I think it’s making me somewhat vain… well, I’m not really vain, but I guess it plays into whatever vanity I have and makes it feel more a part of my life than I’d like! I actually stopped updating my status on Facebook and now most of the time when I get a notification its someone commenting on my blog updates (talk about shameless self-promotion :p I’m a pro! lol). And when I got Freshly Pressed I called my dad right away screaming “GUESS WHAT!? GUESS WHAT!?”… I was sitting in the middle of a Starbucks. I felt very cool. Or not… It’s totally normal to geek out over these things! And you’re right, it IS an accomplishment to be noted on the Internet where millions are vying for attention.

    Basically what I’m trying to say (in my not very concise I’ve been up since 5am dealing with a sick doggie way) is that I think you’ve captured human nature and the way we feel validated through social media very well. Almost perfectly. I must point out that you forgot the ‘z’ on the end of ‘lolololol’. 😉

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