(DIY) Recycled Wine Bottles as Vases!

(DIY) Recycled Wine Bottles as Vases!

Both wine bottles with flowers BB


When I receive a bottle of wine as a gift or have a lovely dinner with friends and family over a bottle of vino, I don’t want to throw it away once dessert is done! If there’s no alcohol left, what use is there for an empty wine bottle?

A DIY craft of course!

So first step, finish the bottle of wine. Okay, that was too easy.

Next step, raid through your craft drawer or make a quick stop to Hobby Lobby. (Or if you’re me, wander around for an hour, get lost in the stickers section, then remember why you’re there.)



I look for anything that will compliment my wine bottle turned vase. My girlfriends bought me this delicious bottle of Detroit champagne for my 23rd birthday.  The label is orange and very light yellow, almost beige, and the bottle itself is green.  I filled the bottle with clear glass rocks and chose an orange flower to compliment the vase.  I tied a translucent yellow ribbon around it and wrote the date, occasion, and people with whom I shared the bottle!

Detroit bottle of champagne BB

Detroit bottle with flower BB

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends and her fiance came over for a Sunday dinner, and they brought this delicious bottle of white wine.  The bottle is very beachy, so I played off that theme.  I filled the bottom with little craft sea shells and white sand.  I topped it off with blue and green glass beads and more sea shells.  I wrapped a thick blue bow around the neck and popped a coral flower inside.

Beach bottle BB

Beach bottle with flower BB

And it’s as easy as that!  I love it because it’s an inexpensive DIY craft and a great way to preserve memories.


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