My Five Favorite Sounds

My Five Favorite Sounds

I thank God for my ears because there are five sounds I love and keep me asking for more upon their entry into my ear canal.

typewriter1.) The tick of typewriters

I could sit and listen to the first two minutes of Atonement for ten years. I just love the sound of typewriters clickety clacking away!  Though I am young enough to never have personally used a typewriter, I only wish I lived in the era of high-waisted skirts, no cell phones, and typewriters. The sound of that click-click-bing! click-click-bing! is the concrete sound of accomplishment. With each pound of the key is the sound of getting the job done. I would probably sit in my office typing “Hi! I’m Brianna. I like this sound. Sound sound sound. Click click click. What a great day. La la la.” just to listen and drown my day in typewriter ticks.

rain hitting the roof2.) Rain hitting the roof

This is a dangerous sound.  It is so calming that I could very well fall asleep whilst listening to it regardless of my surroundings.

In bed? Perfect. I’ll sleep for 10 straight hours.

At work? Uh oh. I’d better have another cup of coffee to fake my way through paying attention for the next four hours.

In the car? Oh man. There’d better be some thunder and lightning to accompany this if I want to make it home alive!

It's outta here!3.) Pop of a baseball bat

There is a definitive sound when a baseball that will eventually make its way out of the park comes into contact with that narrow piece of wood. Any well-trained baseball aficionado knows that particular pop will be followed by 400+ glorious feet of travel to result in a home run.    And it’s way back…IT’S GONE! That ball is outta here!

Nothing compares to hearing that ball make contact with that bat and knowing its out of the park before it even leaves home plate.

4.) Child’s laughter

There is something about a toddler laughing so hard he can’t control himself that makes me burst into laughter.  My 3-year-old brother, for example, does this all the time. He’ll be playing with, as he puts it, “his one friend” and he and this other boy will hug as tight as they can and fall to the floor. Hug tight. Fall down. Hug fall hug fall hug fall. They do this a million times and laugh hysterically each time as if it’s the first time they’ve ever done it.

Part of me wants to suggest them to stop to avoid potential brain injuries, but their laughter is so darn sweet I figure it’s worth a teeny weeny lil ol’ concussion. It’s infectious! Then I start laughing hysterically as if I haven’t just watched them do this a million times as well.

5.) Click of high heels

The sound of a woman (or man, hey whatever works) walking on a tiled floor in stiletto high heels can be mistaken for nothing else.  If that woman is me, I feel like Yes, I am here. I am absolutely going to control this conversation, and I may very well strike a pose and make my fierce Tyra face after you give me a raise. BAM! (Though I may not actually come across that way during the conversation, I feel like I could!)

I just love that the quiet click-click-click of those heels could silence any room and draw more attention than the square jaw of Brad Pitt.

That distinctive click encompasses confidence into a single sound, and it is one heck of a striking sound if I do say so myself.


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  1. As always your post is enjoyable and fun to read. Agree completely on the sounds and the children laughing is truly one of the best. I love to hear them laugh and even more love to be the reason WHY they laugh. Great job!!!

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