First Day of School/Work

First Day of School/Work
First day of school

Well, world. You’d better brush up on your
hide-and-seek skills cuz here I come.

As a child, there was never anything more exciting than the first day of school.

Those brand new colored pencils and shiny spiral notebooks were anxiously awaiting my use!  The year when I was old enough to have colored markers (!!!) in addition to my Crayolas I felt as though I had truly entered into the coveted adulthood.

With my colorful backpack on my back, and my plaid overall dress freshly ironed, I was ready to conquer any assignment my elementary teach could throw at me.

Spell “light” you say? No problem. I know there’s a “gh” hidden in the middle.

Multiple 9 x 4? No problem! I know the hand trick to multiply by nines, so your answer is 36.

Capital of Maryland? Easy. Annapolis. They both start with female names.

I loved to raise my hand and answer all the questions! Yes, yes. I was that kid.  But I loved and still love to learn!

Now that I have truly entered into adulthood still with colored markers by my side, I have found that same feeling of nerve and excitement in my first day at a new job.

After I graduated college, I was blessed to have an opportunity fall into my lap.  Two and a half years later, I felt I needed a change.  I felt as though I hit a ceiling at my previous company.  I appreciate all I learned, and without that opportunity, I never would have landed this amazing, new career.  After many phone calls and four interviews, I was offered a new career opportunity in Grand Rapids!

This morning I woke up bright and early at 5:45 to prepare for my first day as a Technical Recruiter for a well-known, respected staffing and recruiting business that has offices throughout the United States.  I packed my lunch, poured my coffee, and put on my favorite business outfit.

Much like my first day of pre-school, my picture was snapped before I walked out the door!

First day of work

We meet again, world. And this time,
I’ve got a zebra lunch bag, so watch out!

Even at 24 years old, nothing compares with the excitement of the unknown of the first day.  What would the day-to-day life of a recruiter be like? Will the management like me? What will training consist of?

All of those questions were answered in the first day. I was greeted by the managers with whom I had interviewed, and my fellow co-workers came over to introduce themselves and offered support.

Making this change was anything but easy. The location is farther away, and the hours are longer. But I know I will be more personally fulfilled with the challenges that are ahead.  I will further develop myself professionally, and I know I will reach and exceed my goals.

I am excited to wake up tomorrow and start another brand new day!


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  1. If I told you I had just celebrated my 18th year with my current company last Wednesday you might not think that I match your theory of looking for new opportunities. But what gets hidden in this is that I have moved through different positions from 1994 until now. Started new groups and helped build out new organizations within the company. Keep reaching for your goals. Mine is now writing and blogging. You’re never too old to do something new and impact lives!

  2. I don’t know how this got past me commenting then, but I’m so proud of you. It is hard to make a life-changing decision and as it turns out it was a great one!

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