Living With Keegan


Today marks the six-month anniversary of my boyfriend Keegan and I living together!

Our relationship has gone through five separate moves with the sixth resulting in us moving into the same wonderful apartment in Grand Rapids.  We have lived two blocks away from each other and we have lived in two different states.  All of these moves and decisions guided us to choice to live together, and we have been living in bliss for the past six months! Here’s how we finally came to this decision:

To start, Keegan and I met while attending Aquinas College.  We were friends for several years before we actually started to date.  About a month after I graduated, I had some friends over to celebrate Memorial Day.  I lived in this adorable house where there was a flat portion of the roof directly outside of my window.  My friends and I hopped out the window to play some cards, and Keegan and one of his friends happened to be walking past my house.  My friends and I yelled to him from the roof, and we scrambled through the house to meet him outside.  Believe it or not, he and his friend lived in a house two blocks away from me! We all talked and caught up before Keegan and his friend continued on their walk to the gas station.

That Saturday, Keegan texted me asking me what I was up to. I had three separate sets of plans fall through, so I was watching House on Hulu and doing absolutely nothing.  I’m sure I texted something much cooler than that, but he asked me if I wanted to come over and watch the Tigers game with him.  (He knew I was a huge Tigers fan.) The Tigers won 4-2 against the Kansas City Royals, and that was the beginning of our relationship!

A few weeks later, he and I both moved into different apartments with friends in Grand Rapids.  Our commute to see each other went from a two minute walk to a fifteen minute drive, but that was no problem.

Within the next two months I landed my first adult job and he was offered a PR position with the Lake Erie Monsters, a AAA hockey team.  That job, however, was in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our commute went from fifteen minutes to five hours.  He moved to Cleveland in September of 2012, and that next year of our relationship required a lot more work than we were used to.  The only work was in the commute, though.  There was not a moment where either of us considered breaking the relationship.  During the hockey season, I left work a few hours early on Friday to get to Cleveland before dusk.  During the off-season, he took half days to enjoy Grand Rapids summer.  While living in Cleveland, he worked 60-80 work weeks and never had weekends off.  So when I visited, I get a special seat in the press box to watch the game along side my man!

I even got my own name tag!

After the Monsters’ season completed, Keegan was contacted by a few recruiters in Grand Rapids for potential job opportunities.  During his weekend visits, he interviewed with the companies and accepted a position in Grand Rapids!

This is where the trick decision came in.  Before Keegan started interviewing in Grand Rapids, we had talked about the possibility of me moving to Cleveland.  My job allowed me to transfer to a branch in Ohio, and I was highly considering making the move that October.  We had discussed moving into an apartment together in the suburbs of Cleveland.

Now that Keegan was moving back to Grand Rapids, would we move in together? Or would he move into his own apartment?

Neither of us had ever lived with a significant other.  We already had started discussing the next step of marriage within the next few years, and neither of us took the decision of moving in together lightly.

After many discussions, we decided it would be best to go through one transition at a time.  While we both got used to Keegan living in the same state and while he was starting his new career opportunity, we would live in separate apartments.  We both lived in Grand Rapids and were only twenty minutes apart.  We thought it would make the most sense for us to transition into living in the same city separately from transitioning into living in the same apartment in the same city.

We spent every night at each other’s apartments and loved being so close!

In February of 2012, about four months of living in the same city, we started discussing living in the same apartment.  We had both transitioned smoothly into seeing each other every day instead of only on weekends.  We spent every night together while still maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family.  We both knew this was the best relationship we had ever been in and we knew we would eventually move onto the next step.  So we decided we were ready to live together!

After a month of intense searching, we finally found the sweetest apartment in Grand Rapids!  It was a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a good-sized deck.  On April 1, 2012, we made the big move!

My family, a close girlfriend, and Two Men and Truck helped us combine our belongings.  Afterwards, we were exhausted but so happy.

Since then, we have celebrated our two year anniversary!  In the past six months, there has not been a single moment where I questioned moving in with Keegan, and he has said the same (I hope it’s true! I know I can be quite the Type A personality!).  Every morning I still wake up so happy that we are waking up together in our apartment!  We made DIY crafts to celebrate memorable nights with friends and family in our place.  Honestly, I found it more difficult to live apart even though we were in the same city! With the commute from home to home, we didn’t have as much time to spend quality time together to actually make dinner or go on dates.  Now that we live together, we make breakfast and dinner together each morning and night.  We don’t have to worry about forgotten clothes or shoes at each other’s apartment. We have time to go out and enjoy our wonderful city. We are genuinely as happy as can be.

I could not be more confident in the decision to make the big move!

So happy six month move-in anniversary, Keegan! You make me the happiest girl in the world.


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