Brush Studio

Brush Studio

Last night, I became an artist!

Well, that may be a total lie because I am artistically challenged…

Case in point.

…but I got to express some creativity with some girl friends!  My friends and I bought a Living Social deal to Brush Studio in Gaslight Village in Grand Rapids.

It’s a paint studio where people with zero experience or lots of experience go for a fun evening of friends, paint, and drinks. (The drink menu is awesome!)   None of us consider ourselves very artistic, so we were just hoping for a good time, but a potential work of art would be be a great bonus!

We started by going to the front of the studio to grab our paint while listening to some great girl power songs including some old school Britney Spears and Cindy Lauper. After a glass of vino, our blank canvasses were ready and so were we.

The instructor took us through the process of painting “Funky Tree” step-by-step.


Until we had a finished product!

We all had such a fun time! While none of us consider ourselves especially talented in the arts, we were pretty impressed with the final group result.

We had a night filled with so many laughs, and I have a half-way decent piece of art to hang in the living room!  I would highly suggest this as an activity for adults or kids.  As a group of girlfriends, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Because we all work together, we brought our paintings into work for our co-workers to admire, and they were honored to be in the presence of such masterpieces.  I hope no one tries to steal our paintings and sell the on eBay for millions of dollars! (Unless they plan on splitting the profits. Then I’m in.)

It was certainly a memorable experience, and I can’t wait for my next outing to Brush!


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