Sing-A-Long Work Music

Sing-A-Long Work Music

For those of you who work in a semi-professional setting, you probably listen to a radio station advertised as “Your favorite light rock hits of yesterday and today,” where the interpretation of today is Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This.”

Hey world! My first number one hit is definitely still soooo popular!

Most of these songs have me nodding my head and slightly bobbing around while I’m on the computer. Certain songs, however, demand I sing along! They call out to me as if I don’t have a choice and I know I know all the words but do my co-workers know all the words? and how could they not know all the words? so I can’t even control myself for one more minute and  AND IIIIIII-eeeeee-IIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOOOVE YOUUU-oooooo-OHHHH!

Good grief. There I go. My dignity goes right out the window while I sing terribly off key just a little too loud to be appropriate for a work setting.

What’s even worse than me actually singing is when I find myself lip syncing very passionately including shoulder shaking, closed eyes and this terribly embarrassing head movement that nearly mimics convulsions.

Lucky for my co-workers, I’m too new to have released my full work sing-a-long talents. They should watch out come Christmas, though. I am quiet for no one when it comes to Celine Dion’s “O Holy Night.”

Anyway….don’t even get me started on Rod Stewart.  What a dreamboat in those acid-washed jeans!

Yes, the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum, mostly out embarrassment for getting caught lip-syncing with a little too much enthusiasm.

Some people know this song from its original release, and some only know this song from 13 Going On 30.  Regardless, I want my office to have a dance floor and neon lights when it comes on.

Uh oh. What’s that I hear? A lone flute in the distance?  The sound of two young lovers approaching an iceberg? “Every night in my dreams…”  I can guarantee when this song comes on the radio, I am absolutely not working for the next five minutes.  I also whole-heartedly believe it is impossible for any human being over the age of 10 to resist singing when we’re 3:15 in the song. Try it.I triple dog dare you.

Overall, sing-a-long work music helps take the stress out of a demanding day.  You tell me: is it more fun singing to the work music or catching someone sing?


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  1. As always, your writing is entertaining and fun. I love music and have all of my life. I’m probably one of the few people who broke iTunes Match, the ability to store all your music on the cloud and listen to them over the wifi, by having more than 25,000 items, and they won’t take more than that. I really like this blog and laughed thinking about you actually timing the titanic song to 3:15. Dedication for your blog for sure. Thanks Brianna!

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