Hello and happy new year!  Goodness gracious it’s been an entire month and a half since I have blogged on My Happy Life.  What an embarrassment! Luckily, this is changing immediately.

With the first day of a new year, nearly everyone sets delightful goals for the new year: losing weight, reading more often, looking for a new job.  We all make new year resolutions, and hopefully, we start to better ourselves for the upcoming year.

I am a very goal-oriented person.  You give me a seemingly unachievable goal, and I will do everything within my power to hit and exceed it.

Challenge Accepted!

With 2013 I have set some challenging, yet realistic, goals for myself, and I have updated some outdated ones.  I like to keep my friends and loved ones involved in my goals because I love the support.  (Please note the goals page I keep on this blog as well!)

This year’s goal theme all has to do with writing, and  I’m going to add a few changes to My Happy Life.

To begin, I will consistently post for My Happy Life.  I will blog once a week about an incredibly charming and hilarious topic, and WordPress will be forced to Freshly Press my writing at least once this year. (ha ha)  Once a week I will also post just a picture. Maybe a caption will follow it, but the main focus will be the image–not the explanation of it. Lastly, I will post a quote once a week.  It may be an excerpt from one of my favorite authors or poets, or it may be a knock-knock joke from my three-year-old brother.

What a little ham.

What a little ham.

Either way, it will allow me to promote some of my favorite forms of literature instead of simply creating my own.

Secondly, I have some very unfortunate news. I know I know! The new year is about happy things, so why in the world would I have an entire paragraph about something sad?! Am I crazy?!  Stick with me, and it’ll have a happy ending–I promise.  The Everyday Health Voices of Experience program for which I was writing has been cancelled.  My editor did not say much, but she explained the program was eliminated a few days before the new year. This really does upset me because I loved writing about my type 1 diabetes and reading about the other bloggers’ experiences as well.  My friend Tim has an exceptional blog called The Bleeding Finger, and I will continue to follow his journey through that blog.  To make up for my writing loss, I will incorporate my diabetes blogging into My Happy Life! Yay for eating healthy and exercising!

This is exactly what I wear when I exercise.

This is exactly what I wear when I work out.

Thirdly, I need to start journaling once a day again.  All year I have been doing so well about it just jotting little things down and staying true to physically writing until December, and I need to get back on track. I love looking through my old journals and seeing some of the ridiculous things I say.  For example sometimes I write about words I played in Scrabble…

"I just played 'jeremiad' in Scrabble and earned 87 points. I love technology."

“I just played ‘jeremiad’ in Scrabble and got 87 points. I love technology.”

And other times I doodle like a 5 year old…

A stunningly detailed sketch of Keegan and me when we started dating. A true masterpiece.

A stunningly detailed sketch of Keegan and me when we started dating. A true masterpiece.

Okay okay. So usually my journal entries are much more detailed and personal, but I love seeing when I’m just a goof!  I write about books I read, movies I love, and those big moments that might seem small until I look back.

Soooo, those are my three primary writing goals for 2013. I will also continue my daily goals of exercising, drinking copious amounts of water, and reading incessantly (blogs, books, you name it!).

Happy 2013! Let’s make it a year to remember!

2013 fireworks


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  1. Brianna is BACK!! I felt the same way as you. I hadn’t blogged for two months and it was driving me crazy. I challenge myself to write once a week now as well. Your journal for scrabble- funny. And drawing like a kid. Hilarious. Welcome back Brianna. We’re waiting for this weeks blog now!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, brought a tear to my eye that you think that highly of my blog. The rest of your post was wonderful. Goals for the new year seem to energize a person to action. Its an honor to be called your friend, I don’t say that lightly. One of my goals for the new year is to read each of your new posts. Also I wanted to get my girls hooked on reading The Box Car Children, ill have read the books to them, but that’s one of my goals. Take care.

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