“Somewhere In Time”


“Somewhere in Time”

Today I am sitting on a tree branch on Skyline Street

which might as well be the lobby of a hotel in Mackinaw Island,

watching the children toss their toys at the trampoline.

I am dreaming of my golden dress again

and the store in Gloria where I will be fitted for the future.

A small boy and I recognize each other

from our past life spent together in Alexandria.

He and I weep over the velvety robes, the looming statues and the

fallen triangles,

and collapse upon the hot sand

remembering the Ancient Library

and the faded walls

with the richest culture.

We will meet again in 2,000 years

when this is all figured out.

We will both need that much time,

based on the history past,

the loss of antique arts and the tarnished pearl.

I give it at least two millennia

before the ground embraces us together in the sand

and we become one in the next age.

I wrote this is 2010 with inspiration from a poem by Gerald Stern for a Creative Writing assignment. It was published in Aquinas College’s The Sampler.


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