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Brady Baby


For the past two weekends, I went home to celebrate the engagement with my family.  During this time, Keegan and I got to spend  a lot of time with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings.  As always, my youngest sibling Brady was a hoot!

Here are some of my favorite stories and pictures from our time together.

First, Brady went out to lunch with Kelly (she came in from Florida!!) after school. He told her, “I want to sit right next to you because it makes my heart feel good!”

brady pizza

What a sweetheart!

Right after we got home, we asked my dad and step-mom if we could ask Brady to be our ring bearer.  They were so excited and were very supportive (clearly they said yes).  We sat Brady down and said, “Brady, on the day Keegan and I get married, would you like to dress up in a fancy suit just like Keegan and be the one who carries our rings down the aisle?

A huge grin appeared on his face, and he enthusiastically agreed!

Shortly afterward, we all sat down for family dinner. My dad said a prayer and ended it with, “And dear God, thank you for letting Brianna and Keegan be with us together this weekend.”

Then, Brady added in quietly, “And thank you God for letting me the one carry the rings in their wedding.”

Cue my heart melting.

This is how Brady dresses for school.

brady school

Brady and Derek making some lovely faces.

brady derek

And they’re ready to hit the slopes!

brady and derek snowboarding

Brady is all ready for Church!

brady church

Brady’s attempt at a wink.

brady winking

My favorite picture of all the siblings reunited.

brady family

As always, it was amazing being reunited with my entire immediate family. Kelly came in from Florida, Derek came home from college, and Brady baby put on a show for us all.

“Somewhere In Time”


“Somewhere in Time”

Today I am sitting on a tree branch on Skyline Street

which might as well be the lobby of a hotel in Mackinaw Island,

watching the children toss their toys at the trampoline.

I am dreaming of my golden dress again

and the store in Gloria where I will be fitted for the future.

A small boy and I recognize each other

from our past life spent together in Alexandria.

He and I weep over the velvety robes, the looming statues and the

fallen triangles,

and collapse upon the hot sand

remembering the Ancient Library

and the faded walls

with the richest culture.

We will meet again in 2,000 years

when this is all figured out.

We will both need that much time,

based on the history past,

the loss of antique arts and the tarnished pearl.

I give it at least two millennia

before the ground embraces us together in the sand

and we become one in the next age.

I wrote this is 2010 with inspiration from a poem by Gerald Stern for a Creative Writing assignment. It was published in Aquinas College’s The Sampler.