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Life is Good


Life is good.

In fact, life is so good right now I can hardly contain myself!

Life is Good

Other than the clearly obvious reasons like the Tigers are on fire and DOMA was found unconstitutional, I have some unbelievably good things going on right now.  Because I don’t want you to mistake this post for a bed time story, I’ll limit it down to six.

1.) Keegan and I booked the church and reception venue for our wedding.

It is official. On May 31, 2014, Keegan and I will be getting married! WAHOOOO!! He’s stuck with me for the rest of his life! (Poor guy.) We put the down payment on the Cathedral of St. Andrew and The University Club. Ladies and gents, be ready for the night of your life.

cathedral inside

cathedral outside

2. My dad is ten months cancer free.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t think I need to explain why this is so exciting. In case you didn’t know–which you probably didn’t because I didn’t share this with just about anyone–my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a little less than a year ago.  He is truly the healthiest, most fit person I know. I can barely believe he’s 60 because he ran a marathon a few years ago and has a four year old child. My dad is the man to say the least. When we learned about his diagnosis, I literally couldn’t believe it. However, he, my step-mom, and his doctors were on top of it. He had surgery, went in for all of his routine check ups, and he is 100% cancer free. I have never been more grateful for anything in my life.


3. Keegan was promoted.

Keegan has been working at Grainger for almost two years, so he has been proactively preparing himself for that point when he can start interviewing for internal promotions within the company. Considering it is a billion dollar company, there are one or two internal spots he was hoping to move into within the next few years. He has been interviewing and networking like crazy. This guy does more proactive work than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Two weeks ago, his hard work paid off big time.  He had an interview with some big-time managers and it went incredibly well. A week after the interview he was promoted to a role we were hoping he’d move into within the next three to four years. THREE TO FOUR YEARS, PEOPLE! He didn’t just fall into this either. He worked his pinchable little butt of for this role. I am so proud of my future husband!

No. There were not any celebratory drinks.

No. There were not any celebratory drinks.

4. My Account Manager and I broke a giant account today.

In case you don’t know, I am a recruiter for an amazing company called OtterBase, and we focus on placing people in IT and Engineering positions. My speciality is Java Developers (not coffee, though, I would love to work with baristas!), and I have been trying to place a Java Developer at this one client for over seven months.

Typically, I find the top two to three candidates for a client’s needs, we submit the resumes to a client, and they fill the postion (hopefully with my person!) within 1-2 weeks. This time, I submitted over 15 candidates throughout the course of months. It was grueling, pain-staking, late night after late night kind of work. Finally today, the stars aligned. One of my candidates was offered the position and accepted! I have never been more gratified with finding someone a career.

Mission accomplished.


5. My mom graduated nursing school.

My amazing mother not only graduated from nursing school but she passed her NCLEX! That means she is officially Nurse Mom Linda! To potential future employers, she has been a nurse for 25 years. Even though she’s only technically been certified for a month, that’s just a minor detail. You’re getting the total package with one.

mom pinning ceremony

6. I celebrated my one year WordPress anniversary.

I have officially been blogging on WordPress for over a year! I started writing My Happy Life on Blogger in March of 2012, and in June I switched over to WordPress. What a positive change! I can’t believe the amount of growth I’ve experienced in my one year of blogging. I have discovered so many inspirational stories that I love following on a daily basis. I made lots of new writing friends and received so much encouragement!

What I can’t believe is that someone other than my mom and fiance read my blog, and that’s only because I pester them until they ohh and ahh about each post. Self-created motivation at its finest. Somehow, I’ve gained 41 non-related followers and a few thousand people took a gander at My Happy Life. I’m pretty sure those stats can’t even be true, but who am I to argue with the numbers?!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.