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Six Word Memoir Challenge (Accepted)


Fransi authors a wonderful blog called Three Hundred Sixty Five. She has placed a challenge upon us, oh WordPress bloggers! She has challenged us to write a six word memoir. Click here to see her original post.

The rules are as such:

  • It can be autobiographical.
  • It can explain what compels you to write, or paint, or take photographs.
  • It can be about the joys of being creative.
  • It can be about the challenges.

Then pass it on to your follows, your readers, and your mom. Too much? Too much. I apologize.

This is much more difficult than I originally thought! I think of sentences as waterfalls: they continue and flow into a beautiful pattern, speckled with beautiful syntax and grammatical elements. Limiting a sentence–a memoir about myself!– to six words? It took a lot of thought, but I eventually found a six word memoir that I feel accurately portrays me.

Here it is:

My passionate heart delivers deliberate words.

What six words will you use to define yourself?