Continuous Goals

Blog for My Happy Life three times per week

Blog for A Healthy Face of Diabetes three times per week Sadly the program was cancelled, but I did stay true to the goal while it was up!

Journal every day

Sing ridiculously in my car once a day

Exercise three to four times per week

Compliment someone every day

Try not to freak out when I see signs with improper use of grammar

Laugh 50 times per day (hee hee ha ahaha hooo haha bahaha!!)

Smile 100 times per day 😀

Pray three decades of the rosary per day

Medium Term Goals

Donate blood Read about it here!

Get Freshly Pressed

Be featured on a website for my blog writing Check! Featured on the Jeffrey Richard Salon and Sweet Yo’s pages!

Be featured on a website for my professional writing

Write two more books for my children’s book series

Travel out of the country

Go sky diving in Hawaii

Figure out what the heck a Roth IRA account is and get one? make one? deposit my moolah into one?

Increase awareness about type 1 diabetes

Earn my Masters Degree in editing and publishing

Long Term Goals

Own a home in Florida or one of the Carolinas

Get my children’s book series published

Become the editor of a publishing company

Make a difference

Win a Pulitzer Prize

Visit six continents

Live outside of the US for one year

Dream big

Be happy. Stay happy.


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